This page last changed on 6 Aug, 2015 by eduard.marko.

The system ActiveEZP generates a user name and password according to a specific algorithm so that password is not trivial; the password has to include letters, numbers and it has to have a length of minimal eight signs. If you cannot sign in to the system, the most common reason is an incorrectly entered user name or password.

Please check:

  • if you entered the correct user name and passsword, if your keyboard is not in a different language – a keyboard with English has different number entering
  • if you entered correctly letters Z and Y – their position depends on keyboard configuration (QWERTY or QWERTZ)
  • if you did not enter blank space at the end or at the beginning of a word – a standard error when copying from emails
  • if you did not copy enter or another function sign in the user name or password
  • if you did not change the password – there is a standard email about a change of password

In case that none of the mentioned points did not help to solve the problem with signing in, please contact us and we will generate new password.

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